Solar Keymark

The Solar Keymark is the main quality label for solar thermal. It was created to certify solar thermal products and to indicate high quality at European level. It is a voluntary Third Party Certification mark, but at the same time, a market need approach reducing trade barriers.

The Solar Keymark demonstrates to end-users and all interested parties that the product conforms to the relevant series of EN standards and meets all applicable requirements. It is recognized and esteemed not only within Europe, but also at international level. In many EU countries, Solar Keymark certification is a mandatory requirement for governmental subsidies.

Solar Keymark Certification  - Few Steps from Quality

The main steps to attain the Solar Keymark are the following:

  • Checking of production process of solar products on the basis of ISO 9001:2008 requirements
  • Laboratory testing as per EN 12975-2 and EN 12976-2 requirements
  • Test Results evaluation process and inspection of Factory Production Control (FPC)
  • Issuance of Solar Keymark certificates and logos as per the requirements of the EN 12975 and EN 12976 standards series.
  • Annual (or 2-year periodical) surveillance inspections to assure conformity to product type tested and validity of the FPC system

Benefits at a glance with Cert.Pros

Attaining Solar Keymark with Cert.Pros ensures the following:

  • Products certified with the Solar Keymark are internationally recognized and esteemed  
  • Listing and publication of your certified product in CEN’s database 
  • Ensure the product’s safe and proper operation during its lifespan 
  • Gain a competitive advantage within an already pretentious market 

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