Certification Services

Cert.Pros comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts capable to support your business across all certification stages in a broad range of certification schemes. Our services are designed in a way that gives you the freedom to involve us where and as much as you think it is necessary in any of the following areas:

Management System Standards

  • Design and compile documentation (Manuals, Risk Assessments, etc) for Management System Standards
  • Integration of Management Systems. Harmonizing multiple Management Systems decreases complexity and boosts efficiency
  • Provision of Third Party services to businesses requiring an expert to run their Management Systems
  • Assessment and amendment of your Management System documentation
  • Conduction of Pre-Audits and training of personnel

Industrial Certification Schemes

Industrial certification schemes refer to a broad range of assessments that are required across the industrial spectrum. These include all aspects related to CE marking and other specialized Voluntary Certifications that may be applicable to certain equipment.

Cert.Pros range of services cover the following areas:

  • Identification of the applicable EC Directives and the relevant European Standards
  • Provision of technical support related to EC Directives, harmonized standards, design codes and other statutory requirements
  • Testing of apparatus to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards
  • Conduction or verification of Risk Assessments
  • Conduction of on site inspections, pre-commissioning tests and training of personnel

Benefits with Cert.Pros

We have achieved to gain the industry’s confidence by delivering consistently premium results no matter how demanding the requirements might be.Upon successful completion of all steps, we can also introduce you to first class certification bodies to attain prestigious certificates at market’s best prices. 

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Our Location


Our Head offices are located in Covent Garden, London, UK. 


Cert.Pros team comprises more than a hundred certification experts throughout Europe and Asia.