Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – 2004/108/EC

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC implies the free movement of apparatus and creates an acceptable electromagnetic environment. It applies to a vast range of equipment including electrical and electronic appliances, systems and installations.

EMC requirements and Standards have been developed mainly for two reasons:

  1. To ensure that electromagnetic disturbances produced by equipment do not affect the proper functioning of other apparatus or telecommunications networks and electricity distribution networks.
  2. To ensure that equipment has an adequate level of intrinsic immunity

Our Services

Whether you need assistance for the entire process or for certain parts of it, Cert.Pros can help you with one or more of the following:

  • Practical suggestions, technical advice and guidance
  • Determining which harmonized standards apply to your products
  • Defining your responsibilities under the EMC Directive
  • Identifying whether a notified body  (NoBo) is required to enable you to achieve compliance

Testing with Cert.Pros

Our testing services can help you attain compliance with the EMC, enhance the level of product safety and quality, exhibit liability and increase your competitiveness. Testing of your equipment is facilitated by a network of fully equipped and multidisciplinary accredited laboratories with state-of-the-art EMC testing facilities. Our affiliate laboratories are capable of covering a diverse range of tests in virtually all sorts of electrical and electronic apparatus.

Useful Tip

As with all Directives requiring CE marking, the identification of the actual requirements to be met for a particular product depends on subtle factors and can be a quite complex task. Product design is one of them, whereas other dictating factors include the intended use or even the content of the instructions and the sales literature.

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