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Cert.Pros comprises a multidisciplinary team of experienced CE certification engineers and legal experts that can support you throughout all stages of the CE certification process. Our vast experience, in conjunction with an in-depth comprehension of the industry, guarantees solutions with a series of short-term and long-term benefits for your business.

Our Services

“Our vision is you getting the most out of our expertise, while keeping cost at a minimum”

Cert.Pros range of services cover all aspects related to the Directives leading to CE marking including any Third Party Inspection services that can, in some instances, be necessary.We will help you identify and implement the most suitable route towards certification that meets your specific technical requirements, as well as your business and marketing needs:

  • Provision of technical support related to EC Directives, harmonized standards, design codes and other statutory requirements
  • Testing of apparatus to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards
  • Compiling or reviewing documentation for the Technical File
  • Conduction or verification of Risk Assessments
  • Conduction of on site inspections, pre-commissioning tests and training of personnel
  • Get first-class certificates that demonstrate compliance, while boosting your business profile.

Benefits with Cert.Pros

Our services are designed in a way that gives you the freedom to involve us where and as much as you think it is necessary. Upon successful completion of all steps, we can introduce you to first class certification bodies to attain prestigious certificates at market’s best prices.

Useful Tip

As with all Directives requiring CE marking, the identification of the actual requirements to be met for a particular product depends on subtle factors and can be a quite complex task. Product design is one of them, whereas other dictating factors include the intended use or even the content of the instructions and the sales literature.

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Our Head offices are located in Covent Garden, London, UK. 


Cert.Pros team comprises more than a hundred certification experts throughout Europe and Asia.